Jun. 27, 2015

Tough Days

The last fews days have been tough. My dad went to the ER on Tuesday (6/23) due to severe pain. When he arrived they did some blood tests and found out his gallbladder was infected, high white cell count and high liver enzymes. The doctors went in with a camera, down his throat, to determine why he was in pain and found the infection. They had to replace his stent (again-3rd time) and recommended him to go to CTCA and have them put in a metal and wider stent. My parents are off to Arizona to get the metal stent and his monthly injection. To be closer to CTCA and around family and grandkids my parents have decided to move to Arizona in September. After he gets the new stent and injection they will leave from Arizona to come to Orcas Island (Washington) on July 7th for a whole family vacation. We all need at little R&R. During this time, your prayers and kind comments are greatly appreciated. We know there will be tough days but look forward and enjoy the good days.