Aug. 3, 2015

Life doesn't slow down

We had our family vacation in Washington! I had my concerns that not everyone was going to be able to make it but they did and we had a relaxing time. We went boating, drove to the top of Mt. Constitution for amazing views of the islands and of course, caught salmon. It was great getting everyone together.

Ever since we got back my dad has been a traveling machine! He went to California to see Google and then went down to Texas for a Sales meeting. He got to see some old family friends, Teresa and Randy. It was a long trip for him but he was so happy to see everyone. The love and support that he receives from family and friends is so amazing. The kind words and love that people have been showing him proves how great of a man he really is. Many of the things that you say gives me a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes. Thank you for that!

Now he will be traveling to Memphis, Pittsburgh and Phoenix this month. Since his last stent he has been feeling a lot better. He ended up getting one of those mouth sores and although it was nasty and painful he pushed through it and is feeling better now. When he is in Phoenix in two weeks he will get his next shot and then go back mid-september for a CAT scan to see if this treatment has been working. He continues to work hard, stay positive and take naps :D

Oh! And not to brag or anything...he got #1 in his company in sales so he and my mom will be going on a fully paid trip to Monaco, Ireland and maybe even Italy.

One day at a Time.