Sep. 15, 2015

3 Month Mark

Man, all I have to say is I have a lot of respect for people that are fighting cancer and other illnesses. It takes so much energy, strength and perseverance to even make it through an 8-hour day at the doctors. If you are like me, then an hour visit to the doctor is too long.

Today was an 8-hour day of meeting with nurses, doctors, a CT scan, a massage (okay, that part isn’t bad) and an injection. I was tired just being there with him. Then while you walk through the halls you see young adults that have been given a horrific diagnosis and are fighting for their lives. But you see so much love. I would say 99% of all the patients you saw had friends and family members just sitting in the waiting room waiting for their loved one to get done with their appointment.

At the Cancer Center the nurses and doctors continue to amaze us. The candid conversations, the passion, the empathy and the drive to make you feel like ‘you’ again just go beyond words. The doctors and nurses are so personable too. When a concern is brought up they talk about their personal experiences with their battle and listen/problem solve to let you feel like that 8-hour day was worth it.

When it was time to meet the doctors the oncologist came in first. I think we were all holding our breath. This is the moment we’ve been waiting for to know if the treatment is working. We had all hoped and thought that the tumors had shrunk but we wanted/needed to hear it. The tumors have not grown! They have stayed the same. I know, what you may be thinking…isn’t that bad that they are staying the same and not shrinking? No, the doctor reminded us that our goal with this treatment plan is to stop the tumors from growing. That goal has been reached!
I’m glad to know that the last 3 months actually meant something. It made me think of those other people walking through the hall…did they get good results too? Tonight I am counting my blessings that the oncologist is “happy” with the results.

The 2nd doctor, aka the pill pusher, came in to go over medicines and prescription refills that my dad needed. Based on the oncologists’ news, my dad is continuing on the same treatment plan (a daily pill and monthly injection).

The last doctor was the nutritionist. She gave my dad an A+! He hasn’t lost weight and his blood work is looking closer to normal. She was so very pleased with the results.

Overall, it was a successful trip to CTCA. We must remind ourselves that cancer does not define us but take it one day at a time and against all odds, stay positive and do the things that make us happy (live life to the fullest) and be grateful for everyday.

Thank you again for all your kind works and thoughts. It has made a world of difference in this journey.