Sep. 17, 2015

One Person Can Make a Huge Difference

Life. It doesn’t make sense most of the time. So many emotions go into it from thrilled to frustrating to depressed. On Monday, when we got the results from the cancer center we were as close to thrilled as we could get with my dad having cancer. It is always a lot to digest after going to these appointments. After the great news, my dad went off to California to visit his business friends at Google. He always enjoys seeing his friends at Google and talks about the campus and the nice people there. I don’t think I truly understood ‘nice people’ until Tuesday night.

Based on the comments on, the texts, calls, emails that my dad receives I think we can all conclude that he is a well-liked guy.

Back to Tuesday night in CA…my dad had a frightening moment while in CA. At around 8:30pm he started to experience severe stomach pain. The pain had gotten so bad he called the front desk at the Hilton Garden Inn and asked them to check on him in 10 minutes. He was afraid that he was going to blackout from the pain. These wonderful people came knocking on his door to check on him. In addition to this, they drove him to the ER and sat with him until he got checked in. I’m not sure if you have been to the ER but I have been there quite a bit and it takes forever to get checked in, for the doctor to come in, tests, results, etc. This fine gentleman stayed with my dad for the first part.

During our initial panic when my dad called my mom and I to tell us about the pain we didn’t know what to do. We were states away. We called Teresa Palthe, a Google contact for my dad. This wonderful woman should get a metal, a plaque, and an interview with Oprah! She went so far above and beyond it was inspirational.

We found out the Teresa lives 30 minutes away from the hospital my dad went to. She drove all the way out there and stayed with my dad from around 10pm-1am. She would have stayed longer but my dad demanded she leave. She called when this happened and told me she wanted to stay in the waiting room. I think she would have stayed all night if my dad and I hadn’t told her to go home.

No matter who you are when you go to the ER it is a very scary place. It takes a long time for the nurses and doctors to get you what you need. My dad was cold and Teresa was looking for a nurse to get a warm blanket. No nurse was in sight so let’s just say Teresa found some and helped herself. ☺ I have done this before in one of our visits to the ER for my dad.

Teresa turned a scary, intense and overwhelming night better. She called with updates. She got blankets. She stayed by his side. She was a God sent.

Teresa, our family will be forever thankful for what you did for us. If I knew Oprah I would be calling her right now!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Life is full of emotions. In one day you can go from thrilled to out of your mind afraid. It is amazing how one person can change all that.

I hope one day I can repay you Teresa for what you did or at least pay it forward to another person.