Oct. 21, 2015

October Check-Up

A month has passed, which means my dad headed back to CTCA for a round of meetings and his treatment. Some of you may have heard that last month we were unable to meet with the radiologist to review my dad's CT scans of his pancreas and liver. Last month, we were told by the oncologist that the tumor had not grown but never got the opportunity to meet with the radiologist because my dad had to go out of town for business. On this check up they made sure that he was able to meet with the radiologist to go over the scan in greater detail. GREAT news...the tumor has in fact stayed the same size or even gotten slightly smaller! VICTORY! It felt wonderful to hear the same results from the oncologist and radiologist.

In this month's meetings and tests, my dad's liver enzymes were high again. This has happened frequently and always meant there was an infection. This time his stent is blocked and he has to go in on Monday (10/23) and undergo a procedure to clear the blockage. From my understanding, this is very similar to getting a new stent, which he has done 3 or 4 times before, expect this time the stent is going to be cleaned out rather than replaced.

My dad continues to go to his monthly meetings and get his treatments. The next big meeting will be in December where they will do another scan of the pancreas and liver and hope that the medicine continues to work.

Thank you so much for continuing to support my dad and family through his journey. Your prayers and thoughts are greatly appreciated!

I chose this picture because it shows my dad's sense of humor. When most people meet him they don't know when he is joking around because he has a very dry sense of humor, but if you know him really well and understand his humor...he is one of the funniest guys I know. So, who knows my dad? He is upset I'm taking his picture or trying to be funny? :D