Nov. 12, 2015

Couldn't wait to share!

Today, November 12th, is not only my beautiful, caring, best mom in the world's birthday but it is the BEST DAY EVER for another reason. Usually I do not update everyone until my dad's check-up is over so we can share all the news but when you receive a text from your dad and tears come to your eyes you can't wait to share the news with everyone! What did the text say? "Good news, about all the blood levels are near normal. I am the poster child of taking Afinitor. Doing a genetic test too. Next month is the CT scan. Looks like I will be around awhile." The lord has been listening to our prayers! Please keep up the positive thoughts and prayers you are sending to my dad. They are working! Today is a GREAT Day!

Of course my dad has to add humor and I get another text saying, "The CTCA wanted me in their next commercial but the camera crew comes tomorrow. I didn't want to make a special trip to get on camera."

Amazing news! Now, it is time to smile and celebrate my mom! :D Happy November 12th Everyone!