Dec. 15, 2015


Today marked another 3 months on my dad's journey with Stage 4 Endocrine Pancreatic cancer that has spread to the liver. It has been 6 months and 8 days since my dad was diagnosed with this horrible disease. I will never forget how it felt when I got the phone call telling me the news. The doctors try and explain what is happening but in that state of panic and overwhelming sadness it is difficult to take it all in. I remember they gave us a life expectancy for my dad. This day is long gone and thank God for that!

My dad continues to beat the statistic! Every month we get great news! Today is another one of those days! My dad went to his appointment and was scanned, examined and injected with his shot of medicine. On these days, my mom said it exactly right, "it's like pins and needles." You wonder what the doctor will say, has it grown, is the medicine still working, how’s my dad feeling? All these thoughts go through your mind.

Today, we know that the treatment plan is working! The tumor on his pancreas has shrunk (very little but still shrunk...about 0.2cm) and even the cancer spots on his liver have shrunk! The radiologist went as far as saying that on his next 3 month checkup he should get a test done on the liver spots to see if they have died. What does this mean? Well it means that the cancer has disappeared or “died” but leaves scar tissue still looking like cancer spots but really are not. It is difficult to say for sure on a scan but to even THINK this could be a possibility is FANTASTIC! In addition to this, my dad’s blood work still looks almost normal. The only level that came back high is his kidney levels. To those of you that know my dad only has one kidney this information shouldn’t shock you. However, the doctors want to keep a watch on it.

My dad continues to amaze me everyday! You grow up knowing that you have an amazing dad because he is strong, supportive and "that dad" that videotaped EVERYTHING that you did. The dad that discusses with your older brother on how to pick me up, put me in the car and drive away as I am about to walk down the aisle to get married. Haha. The dad that no matter what he is going through still wants to know how you are doing. My dad sees a challenge and he perseveres through it.

I cannot describe the emotions I have right now. Family is one of the most important things in life. In my family, my parents are the center, the rock, which holds us together. To hear that your dad is beating the odds and that we will be able to continue to give him courtesy laughs when he tells a joke (hehe jk dad! Your jokes are always hilarious :D ) …just makes me want to sing! I cannot sing well (ask my mom) but if I could the video attached shows which song I would be singing.

Anyone every watch Sister Act?