Jan. 15, 2016

Quick Monthly Update 1/15/2016

He just came back with a sore butt from his monthly visit to the cancer center.  He got the shot again….

  • The good:

o   Blood work looking the same, saw some improvement with the liver function

  • The not so good:

§  Over the past month his pain has increased, seems his pancreas is being overworked.

§  They provided meds to digest food better which should lessen the pain

§  He also was given more pain meds, just in case

He will be visiting MD Anderson later this month to meet Dr. Yao, the doctor who knows about his cancer and does clinical tests. His oncologist at CTCA has urged him to do a clinical trial. It'll be interesting what this doctor has to offer.

Looks like he may get off afinitor and on newer meds.  Funny, afinitor has only been around for a couple of years.

We will keep you updated after he goes to MD Anderson. Happy Friday!