Mar. 4, 2016

Goodbye CTCA

Today, my dad went to CTCA to get his blood work checked and his monthly injection. These have become routine and thankfully, uneventful. I am not sure if we ever told you that his oncologist left and he has been seeing a new one for the past 2 or 3 visits. I have never met the guy but I do not like the sounds of him.

According to what they told my dad, his blood work is "ok." He did not elaborate much but just said looks about the same so ok.

In the last couple weeks my mom has been doing a bunch of research so my dad went in with a bunch of questions to ask to get more information. The doctor did not seem to enjoy all the questions so at the end, "in the nicest way possible" (my dad said) told him he should go to MD Anderson.

That being said, my dad is leaving CTCA and transferring over MD Anderson in Arizona and will be seeing Dr. Yao in Houston every 3 months. I find it frustrating but my dad put a good spin on it. The communcation will be easier for the oncologists to communicate since they both work for MD Anderson. I hope this turns out to be a good decision. My dad is betting on Dr. Yao with everything he has got so I hope this guy is as good as everyone says. HIs first appointment at the Arizona clinic is March 29th.

A small side note: There is a Nueroendocrine specialist center in Louisiana and my parents spoke to a lady that had surgery there. We have always been told from the beginning that they would not operate on my dad but this lady has the same exact cancer that started on the pancreas and moved to the liver and she did it. The surgery was successful. The tumor on her pancreas has not grown back and it has been 8 years. Some of her liver ones are starting to grow back but she does not experience any pain. My parents will most likely be checking into that.

Some changes on the horizon but the fight continues!