Mar. 22, 2016

Next Steps

It was a fun weekend! My parents came to visit Dave & I before the baby comes on May 22nd. We enjoyed a sunny (if you can believe that) Seattle day at the Space Needle and walked around Pike's Market. It was a nice March visit.

The next trip my parents will be making is to Louisiana in April. They will be going to discuss surgery to remove my dad’s pancreatic tumor. My mom has been researching other possibilities out there to get rid of the tumors and the pain that they cause my dad. My dad sent his records to the Endocrine Tumor Specialty Hospital and they say that they can remove the tumor without doing a Whipple surgery! They have been doing this surgery for many years so it is not experimental which is great! It is surgery so there are always risks and a recovery period. However, my mom talked to someone who did this surgery 8 years ago and her tumor has not come back! We will update you after his meeting with them in April. Cross your fingers that this can happen and the results will be amazing!