Mar. 30, 2016

Stent Cleaning 3/30/16-Before Video

Yesterday, March 29th, my dad got really sick again. He was in a lot of pain and was throwing up. Unfortunately, this is not the first time this has happened. It's crazy how he has good days and bad days. We are thankful for the good days but those bad days sneak up on you without warning signs. My dad hadn't been feeling good but he didn't know this was coming. My mom rushed him to the Urgent Care at CTCA (thank goodness they have one)! When he arrived they did what they normally do...they took some blood and ran some tests. The tests showed that his liver enzymes were high which means there is an infection caused by blocking in his stent. In addition, his blood pressure was very high and his white blood cell count was double the normal levels. They gave him an IV of antibiotics for the infection and told him to come back today, March 30th, to clean out the blockage in the stent that was causing the infection. He went in today at 10:30 am and he went in for the cleaning around noon. While they were in there they found a stone...removed the stone and now he seems to be as good as new. This weekend he will be traveling to Louisiana to discuss surgery with the Endocrine Tumor specialists. I keep hoping they say they can remove the tumor on his pancreas, the surgery will go perfectly and he will not have to worry about when this pain will be coming back. He will be pain free...or at least that's what we hear! Please send prayers that he can have the tumor removed and he will be back to normal. We love you dad and your strength to keep fighting. Cancer is a horrible thing and everyone that fights every day to beat this terrible disease is a hero in my book!! He did two videos. This is the before the cleaning and the next one was after the can tell he was feeling good as new because he was already telling jokes :D