Aug. 18, 2016

Walk All Over Cancer

Better late than never, right? I’ve heard that people are sick of ‘IZ’ so don’t worry I’ve uploaded a new music video. I will explain my choice after letting you guys know the scoop.

My dad had one checkup since my last update. He went to CTCA to do blood work and get his monthly shot in the booty. He says the needle has gotten bigger…poor guy. The shot made him a little sick, like usual, but he persevered and even got on the plane the same day to come visit me. I could never do that. It’s amazing the things my dad will do even when he is feeling sick. He wants to enjoy life so he is always up for an adventure or seeing people. People have always asked me why I never got into sales like my parents. First of all, I would be no good at it. I do not like talking to people I do not know. Plus, adults and some people intimidate me, which is why I work with kids. It’s amusing what kids will say even if it is offensive. Well I guess adults do that too.

Anyways, I just got sidetracked off my sidetrack. I now know what my husband feels like. My dad’s results from his blood work were really good! Everything is close to normal or has not dramatically changed. He goes to Louisiana at the end of September to get another CT scan and talk about how to attack this thing called cancer. I am hoping it’ll be an easier journey for him than it has been. I will let you all know how that meeting goes. Cross your fingers for a simple plan.

So the reason I chose this song is because when my parents were visiting my mom and I walked in from shopping at Target and he made a comment to how many things I had bought for my daughter, Autumn. He went on and on and asked if I got permission from Dave to buy these items. My response was, “Yes”, because for the things I bought I did ask. I let him give me a hard time and he even played the song I chose saying that I walk all over Dave because I bought all this stuff. After all his jokes, laughing and playing the song my mom walked up to him and said, “I bought all this stuff not her,” and gave him a kiss! Now we know who walks all over who, right? :D

I chose this song because this is a moment I will never forget. Another time when my dad is gloating and thinks he is funny but it turns out the joke is on him. Oh! Like the time we told him that my cousin, Clint, the cop, had been promoted and we were throwing him a party. My dad walked in with a dozen donuts and it was actually a surprise party for him. I could go on and on with memories and I guess I am because there is not much to report and that when I write these it makes me remember even more how fantastic, amazing, loving and yes, sometimes hilarious he can be.

My dad is going to WALK ALL OVER CANCER!

**My dad was going to make a video to post but we forgot. That will come next post.**