Nov. 12, 2016

Before PRRT treatment

It has been almost two months since my last post. During that time, my dad had to process his options for next steps on how to fight this battle. He has 3 options, doesn’t seem like a lot but some have no options and for that we are thankful, (1) Chemotherapy, (2) Liver transplant and (3) a radiation treatment called PRRT. Everyone knows that chemotherapy is a terrible thing to go through. You have either known someone that has endured this or have seen it on TV (like me). The side effects can kill the body since you are literally putting poison into your body. The liver transplant was an option that would change his life (if cancer has not already). For this, he would have to be on the transplant list and move to Miami. In Miami, there is one hospital that will still give transplants to cancer patients. Other hospitals, my understanding is all hospitals in the US, have stopped doing transplants on cancer patients since cancer is considered ‘terminal’. And finally, PRRT, which is injecting the body with a VERY high amount of radiation. After much research this seems like the best bet. From our understanding, it has minimal side effects, lose of hair and intense nausea.
For this treatment, he had two options, he could fly to Switzerland 4 times in a year (he needs 4 treatments) or go to Houston. Houston was chosen because it’s more convenient. Since, he really doesn’t know what to except from the treatment, the closer the place, because of flight time, the better.
On Tuesday, November 15th my dad will have his first treatment. He will have a 4-hour drip treatment where the radiation will be injected into his body. Since he is being injected with such a high dose of radiation he will have to be secluded for 3 days. He cannot be within 6ft of another person. So, he will be in a hotel room all by himself.
At this particular hospital, this treatment has only been done on a couple hundred of patients. That is very scary. The good news is that he qualified though. He had to go through multiple scans to make sure his type of cancer has certain receptors on it to ensure the radiation would attach to it and kill it. The scans showed cancer was not anywhere in his body except his liver and the doctor said it was back in his pancreas, which my dad is very skeptical about since he had to Whipple.
Emotions are running high in anticipation for this treatment. However, my dad continues to stay strong and positive which blows my mind. He has always been the rock of our family and even going through this he still is. He continues to blow my mind. Plus, I think he enjoys telling me he gets to go to a favorite restaurant of yours called Papasitas. This restaurant has great memories of when we lived in Houston. I have attached a photo of my parents, Hensley and Cain making tortilla faces that we used to do when we were younger at Papasitas.
On another note, I want to thank everyone who made donations to his treatment. We were able to cover his first treatment thanks to these donations! My parents had no idea that we were doing this and their reaction was priceless. We did video tape it but my mom does not want people to see it because she cried.  I need you to know that though so you know the difference you made. As my dad says in the video your emotional support is so important!
Next time, I won’t go two months without an update. I will make sure to keep you updated after his treatment next week. Thank you so much again!