Dec. 11, 2016

After treatment #1

Another late post- sorry to all those that wait for these to know what is going on. It has been a lot of processing. My dad went in for his first PRRT treatment down in Houston. The difficult part is that he will not get another scan of his body until the full treatment is done (one year). He is going from a scan every 3 months to once a year now…I think it is because of the radiation but maybe CTCA will sneak one in there. The waiting game is annoying.

Thankfully, my dad found Houston to start his treatment. He went many months not taking any medication while my parents scrambled to get him into this program. This is the best treatment option for my dad. No chemotherapy (yuck!) or liver transplant, if he can manage. This PRRT treatment is supposed to add 3-4 years to his life and has minimal side effects. Patients get super nauseous but my dad only got slightly nauseous so that is amazing. For me, it feels like we are in a haze. We are waiting…hoping…and wondering.

Personally, I am to the point that since we are waiting and he has a great treatment that I want him to have fun and enjoy life. It’s like standing and staring at water waiting for it to boil. While you wait, you may as well do something that’ll make the wait more enjoyable. Seems like a cliché thing to say but it works in this instance.

I have so many emotions and thoughts about the standstill that we are in but cannot process and express them.

All I know is… I love my dad more than anything. He is an amazing father and grandpa. He has created many fantastic memories and I enjoyed reminiscing about them when he was last up here. I’d do anything to cure him of this nasty cancer. I hope to win the lottery very quickly to pay for his medical bills. I owe him so much for the life he has given me that I hope he knows that he can always call on me for anything.

Dave, Autumn and I are going down there for Christmas. I am super excited to see everyone…it has been a whole..1.5 months :D .
His next treatment is in January. I’ll “talk” to you!  Happy Holidays!
*Attached is a video he made while in Houston. It’s blurry because it turns out the iphones and galaxy phones do not talk well to each other…go figure)*