Jan. 5, 2017

After PRRT treatment #2

I am sharing this post earlier than usual because of all the good news. My dad went down to Houston on Tuesday to get ready for his 2nd PRRT treatment. After this treatment he is half way done! So Tuesday he arrived and on Wednesday they scanned him and took his blood work like normal. This morning he met with the doctor and oncologist before his treatment and they reviewed the scans and blood work. It turns out that….my dad’s tumors have shrunk 30%!!!! After the 1st treatment. The doctors told him that they have NEVER seen that kind of results before and that is blood work looked completely NORMAL! The only thing that he needs is some vitamin D…which I don’t understand…ya know living in AZ and all.
When I got the call from my parents, there were instant tears of happiness. 30%. WOW!
Something else that I find absolutely amazing is the love between family and friends. With all the love and support my dad has been given, I believe you have made this possible.

One person has continued to come up when my dad calls me about his visits to doctors, the surgery in Louisiana and the treatments in Houston, is Rob Morgan. Now I know Rob because he lived next to us when we lived in Houston. To put some perspective on this, I was born in Houston and only lived there until 3rd grade. I am 31 now. I remember he has kids that he loves a lot and according to the stories from my dad, he still does. My dad mentions many times how much he loves his kids and my dad watching him talks about how great of a dad he is. Now this would already make a man great but the things he has done for my dad makes me speechless. You have family that never leaves your side and is there as much as possible but Rob has trumped me and others even in this category. All of you know how much my mom and siblings LOVE LOVE LOVE our dad but Rob has been there when we couldn’t and many other times.

Rob has been to his two kidney surgeries, to Louisiana for his Whipple surgery and to both his PRRT treatments. All of these moments that my dad has gone through were challenging and scary. But he was never alone. He had the care and love of a dear friend. He loves seeing Rob whenever he can and cares about him so much. Many people go through life and friends come in and out of it and very rarely do people get to have that friend that is always there through thick and thin. Rob Morgan is this for my dad. For this, my dad and family will be forever grateful! We love you very much Rob because of your kind heart, your willingness to travel 9 hours to see my dad after his Whipple surgery to stay for 2 hours and drive all the way back home and a great friend to my dad for many, many years. Houston to Louisiana in a day, didn’t even stay overnight. Rob, you are such a great person and I hope that if you don’t hear it every day you should because you are rare in this world. There are not many people that would do this for anyone. I keep saying my dad is one of a kind getting this rare cancer, fighting, staying strong, a great father and husband and my favorite dad in the whole world. A dad that I love more than words can explain. Rob, you are one of a kind too. You bring so much joy in my dad’s life and by association, you do to my family. Thank you for always being by my dad’s side. He is truly lucky to have you in his life.

It's a new year and people always reflect about the previous year and their life. If I have learned anything in the past two years is not to be afraid to tell people how you feel. You never know what will happen. I know this is a common thing that people say but I truly believe it now.

Dad, you baffle me every moment of every day about how you support me/us, put others before yourself (even though I think you should be a little more selfish), being an involved father during my childhood (I can close my eyes and just see you running down the field during my soccer game with your video camera), and the list goes on. I hope I am half the parent you are (and you too mom).

Here is to many more happy moments with good friends and family to enjoy them with! Oh! And a cure for all cancers out there!!!