Jan. 23, 2017

Wish I wasn't posting this soon

Saturday was a scary day. When driving home from the zoo I received a phone call from my mom. When I answered, she immediately asked, “Did you hear what happened?!” My heart dropped. You never want to hear those words with a panicking voice. When my mom told me what happened I could not believe it.
After a long stressful week for my dad, he was out with my mom picking out new items for their house. According to my dad, he was feeling dizzy for about 5-10 minutes when it suddenly got a lot worse. He felt like he was going to faint so he went to lean again the car and all of the sudden he fell to the ground. After, he came to for a few seconds he asked my mom what happened because he was really confused after fainting when suddenly he went into a grand mal seizure. My mom said it lasted about 2 minutes and briefly after the first one he had a second one. He was taken to the hospital for tests. He was admitted to be observed overnight to make sure he did not have another one. Thankfully, over the night, he did not have anymore.
One of the things I inherited from my dad was his sense of humor. So, while my dad is in the hospital after two seizures I decided now is the time to accuse him of giving me elipesy. My dad makes jokes all the time when I am feeling sick. He makes jokes to make light of it and get your mind off of it. In this case, I was able to get him back and do it to him.
When a family member has a scary medical episode, it is natural, for me at least, to have a wandering mind of all the worse possible things that could be wrong. The tests that were important to figuring out what happened to my dad, the MRI and EEG of the brain could not be performed the same night he went to the ER but had to be done the next day.
But after a few tests, a CT, MRI and EEG (pic attached) on his brain, all the tests came back normal. Thank goodness for that! However, still scary that they couldn’t find the reason behind it because now we don’t know if or when it will happen again. But now, I know that it isn’t my dad that gave me elipsey..it is my mom! :D haha