Mar. 9, 2017

3rd PRRT treatment down!

I got a text from my dad this morning saying, “After a good night sleep I’m back to normal.” Not really what you expect from a guy that was just injected with a very high dose of radiation the day before but my dad continues to beat the odds of getting sick during and immediately after his treatments. This is incredibly lucky because sadly he hears people in agony while they receive their treatment and he sleeps through most of it.
Yesterday my dad went in for his 3rd PRRT treatment. Three down and one to go! Before being injected with the ‘juice’ he gets a scan so that the doctors can make sure the cancer has not spread and measure how big the tumors are since the last treatment. From treatment 1 to treatment 2, the tumors had shrunk 33%! Yesterday, the doctors told my dad that his tumors stayed the same size. No shrinkage but also no growth. At first my dad was disappointed, which I think is completely understandable, but after the doctor reminded my dad that before this treatment my dad’s tumors were doubling in size every 3 months, and they have now shrunk and then stayed the same over the last 4 months that turned my dad’s frown upside down.
The doctors explained to my dad that his cancer is like a fort with colonies growing inside of it. The radiation is going into the tumors and killing some of these colonies but no one really knows how much of it is dying. Since this is an unknown you never know when and how quickly the cancer will come back after the treatment. Statistically, on average, it stops growing for 42 months but unfortunately this will be an unknown and there will be a ‘wait and see’ until a cure is found. But for now there is no growth and the cancer has been stopped in its tracks. Hopefully, my dad will continue to beat the odds and go well over 42 months of no growth after his treatments.
May 10th is his last treatment of the PRRT. During this treatment, he will go through the same process of getting a scan and then the radiation injection. Then a follow-up visit will happen a few months later with the Gallium scan, the HD scan. This will tell us how well this treatment really worked.
For now, my dad continues to stay positive and enjoy life. Over the last few weeks, every time I talk to my dad he sounds upbeat and completely normal. This makes me so happy and I continue to pray for great results!