Aug. 15, 2017

PRRT treatment and the results are in..

Oh Happy Day! Today has been a fabulous day! My dad went to Louisiana to see his oncologist yesterday to get some testing done to see how the last (and final for now) PRRT treatment did. And…we continue to have good news!
The cancer has shrunk again! And we get to continue to say that the cancer is ‘stable.’ We do not know exactly how much it has shrunk but should find out next week. The cancer that showed back up on the tail on the pancreas is now GONE! How is that not a miracle??
The tumors now take over about 10% of his liver. I will take that 90%. If we were in school that would be an A.
My dad didn’t want me to mention this because he only likes to share the good but I believe this is good. In June, he got some scary blood work back about his liver enzymes and (one) kidney that he has. The blood work showed that they were struggling to bounce back after the PRRT treatment. Based on the bloodwork taken yesterday and today, they have now bounced back and looking better.
In addition to all this good news, my dad is no longer going to be taking treatment for at least 6 months (if he chooses which it sounds like that is what he is choosing). Chemo is also an option right not if he wanted but he deserves a ‘vacation’ from this (crap) medicine. However, he will continue to get his yucky monthly shot as it does help stop the tumors from creating hormones.
The oncologist continues to make it clear that the tumors will start growing again. Based on a 0-10 scale about how fast growing his tumors are he is a 3. I like that! Of course, I’d prefer a 0 but a 3 is for much better than 4+.
My family and I moved down here to be close to him during this stressful journey. I have to say it’s been amazing to be able to call each other to hang out and can hang out as quick as 15 minutes. I don’t think my whole family has been together since high school…I graduated in 2003. We are together again and I cannot describe how lucky I feel. I do really miss WA since the weather here is not pleasant for an 8 month pregnant lady. But to be close to my dad, my hero, my friend, my inspiration and my whole famly makes that disappear.
My daughter fell asleep in my arms as I read this to her. I hope it doesn’t have the same effect on you 😊
I’ve attached two videos. One because I’m happy and the other because..well…it’s adorable! :D