Oct. 11, 2017

Unforgettable Events

Life is a journey. It is filled with insignificant events that you forget, events that are unforgettable and events that you remember but wish you didn’t.

I obviously cannot speak to any insignificant events my dad has had because he could never share them with me as they have been forgotten.

If I had to guess on events that my dad will never forget would be his “glory days.” These days were in his 20’s. He talks about how he always went to the lake with his buddies and picked up women.

When he met my mother, a waitress at the time, through a working relationship where they always went to the same restaurant and sat in her section.

Their wedding day. There was a blizzard and all guests were crammed into this little chapel.

His work life- Airborne, Stamps.com and FedEx. He met so many amazing people through work that he still has now. Some of his best friends. Friends that are always there for each other.

His older son, Brad. Let’s just say he remembers a lot about Brad because Brad was an unforgettable kid throughout his teen years. He is so proud on how far he has gone in life.

Scott, his youngest son, who he loves listening about Scott’s golf game and how they can talk numbers. Anyone that knows my dad knows he is all about the numbers.

And of course, me, his favorite (and only) daughter. I do not know what he says about me but I imagine it is how I played soccer and he tried to trade me to another team when I was probably 7 or 8. And how I was the easiest kiddo out of all 3 of us.

I bet he remembers all 3 of our weddings and the birth of his grandkids.

These are all the good memories he has about life and stories he tells often.

One that I know he wished never happened and wish he could forget was the day he was diagnosed with cancer. We all wish we could forget that day. His journey has been rough. Really rough. He has literally been fighting for his life. Everyday. Over the last 2 years, he has received good news more often than bad news. (Super lucky guy!)

Well, he is continuing the streak of good news! He got his normal 3 month checkup at CTCA which consists of bloodwork and MRI. The bloodwork was not the best. It shows his kidney and liver are struggling. This is not too surprising as he only has one kidney and it is working overtime. The liver is the only place in his body that has tumors. So it is struggling too.

 There is no cancer anywhere else in his body! That is a major win! The cancer has not spread anywhere and is being contained to the liver.

Today, the radiologist told my dad that he only has a dime size of cancer in his liver. He does have many spots but they only had up to a dime size. Remember, he had it on his pancreas, lymph nodes, and all over his liver.

Let me explain this more clearly. They have been tracking two specific tumors. They were the 2 biggest prior to the PRRT.

Tumor #1 has gone from 0.8cm to 0.4cm since March 2017. That is a 50% reduction!

Tumor #2 has gone from 0.9cm to 0.5cm since March 2017! That is almost a 50% reduction as well.

I know being diagnosed with cancer and fighting it is something that he wishes never happened and could forget it all but today is an unforgettable day. An event that I hope he remembers when he is having a rough day. An event that makes fighting cancer a little easier. An event that brings him some relief that all these treatments are making a difference.

Although we wish that only good things happen, like hitting on women on the lake or getting married during a blizzard or his 3 kids that have kept him busy since the day they were born, we all have things in our lives we want to forget.

For me, this is something I will not forget. This is the day that I smiled and said my dad is not going anywhere. My dad will watch his grandkids grow up. My dad will teach me how to be an amazing parent like has always been. Today, is a great day.


I love you dad. I’m so thankful for you. I have to tell you that you are in most of the events that are unforgettable. In most of the events I will never forget.