Jan. 30, 2018

1,000 Days!

1000 days = 33 months

1000 days= 143 weeks

1000 days -24,000 hours

1000 days -1,440,000 minutes

1000 days = 86,400,000 seconds


A thousand days. It goes by so quickly. People say you blink and time just flies by. I have found that this is true watching my niece, nephews, and kids grow so quickly.

A thousand days. Think about what you have done the past thousand days of your life. Anything extraordinary? My dad has. He has done a lot in the last one thousand days.

He has..

   Spent time with his brothers and dad,  his mom, his sons, wife, kids, his grandkids: Hensley, Autumn, Ashlyn, Cain, Avery and Gage.


He has survived a very intense surgery.


He has been poked, prodded, operated on, had numerous doctor appointments, travelled to Houston for a clinical treatment of radiation and so much more. I don’ think anyone, except for others that are fighting against cancer, can ever really understand the kind of pain they suffer through.

You many think these memories are minor. That they are just normal everyday events but to us they are extraordinary memories.

1,000 days ago my dad was diagnosed with Stage 4 Pancreatic cancer. The doctors thought he did not have much longer to live. So these minor events were not supposed to happen. They would have been wishes in my family’s mind rather than memories that will be held in our hearts forever.

1,000 days ago was the scariest and most heartbreaking day my family had (and has) ever dealt with before. We thought we were going to lose our dad. My mom was going to lose her husband. My grandparents were going to lose their son. My uncles were going to lose their brother.

But 1,000 days ago my dad decided he wasn’t going to give up. He decided to be poked, prodded, operated on, endure pain, travel to doctors and have radiation pumped into his body because he was not ready to go. And thank goodness because I could not imagine my kids, my mom, my grandparents, my uncles, my brothers and me not having this amazing man in our lives. He brings so much joy and happiness into life. Into my family’s life. Into his work life (Ask him about his skit as “Da Most”). Into my life. I could not even fathom not having these days with him.

Recently, my parents and I were talking about how our family has a difficult time hugging (except you Nicole :D ) and saying, I love you. We never heard “I love you” much while growing up. We didn’t give hugs. It was just understood that we knew how we felt about each other. I never thought it was strange.

When I joined the Altenburg clan, it was weird. Not weird because I was a new person coming into the family but weird in the sense that they do hug ( a lot) and say I love you. So when someone like me comes into a family that is the opposite of mine…it is weird.

My brother-in-law, Derek, likes to make people feel awkward. (haha) So he decided that he was going to hug me every time I saw him until it felt normal. It still doesn’t feel normal but when you get a scare of the lifetime you go outside your comfort zone and hug, say I love you, and make sure others know exactly how you feel about them. In my family, it is still understood, but now it also expressed.

According to my dad, he is a very hug friendly guy ever since he was diagnosed. Events can change your life. They push you in ways that you never thought possible.

However, a few things have not changed. I love my dad so very much. I could not imagine having anyone else for a father. I am a daddy’s girl. I still rely on my dad. I like calling him to tell him random things that he probably did even need to know. I like hearing his opinion on things happening in my life. He is my hero. He has made my life so much better than it ever could have been.

1,000 days. It goes by quick but the memories and love shared will stick around forever.


Congratulations on fighting and winning these 1,000 days! Here is to many, many more celebrations of beating pancreatic cancer!