May. 11, 2018

Wait. What!?

My dad has been diagnosed with cancer for 3 years now. He has a scary cancer that goes undetected because of minimal side-effects. He was lucky to catch it at all and he is extremely lucky to be here 3 years later. He was given 3-6 months to live and has been an over-achiever as always! Thank goodness!!

We recently went to MX on vacation and he got very sick. It was like he was in the beginning. Of course, we were all freaking out and assuming the worse. Was it another infection? Is it spreading and causing new side effects? Is his one and only kidney failing? He had to go to the ER because he just wasn’t getting better after 4 days. When my mom called me to tell me that CTCA told him to go to the hospital I was in tears.

My mom and dad acted strong saying it was probably an infection that would be easily treated with antibiotics. I was not convinced.

You know how long it takes to get admitted into the hospital and then you have to get tests done, wait for the docs and be discharged? Best case scenario, you will be out within 3 hours. The anxiety of waiting is unbearable. Hoping and waiting. We would get small updates from my mom while he was in there but they didn’t know anything.

After looking at the scan they could tell him it was mostly likely something he picked up in MX. My dad being who he is, the jokester, he told the doc that he just couldn’t resist the pico de gallo. Which is true. He ate the pico de gallo…they rinse their fruits and veggies in the water. So he received antibiotics and instantly got better! Phew!

Today, he had his 3 month check-up. He was scanned and poked and prodded last Friday and today he was getting the results. He met with the doc and the results were absolutely amazing! I hope you are sitting down for this because I almost fell over when hearing the news…


However, they do know that they are there because of his hormone levels but they have shrunk so much they have cannot be seen. In addition to this, his kidney function is staying stable. It continues to be a little high which is normal for him. His liver function looks good too.

Going back to the beginning, we were told there was no cure and people do not go into remission with pancreatic cancer. Don’t get me wrong I am SO EXCITED but the likelihood of remission has been told to be very very very unlikely. Obviously, we wish for remission everyday.

After saying that, the doc told him today (which he has never mentioned before) that 1 patient about 10-15 years ago received a radiation treatment (which is like PRRT) and all the tumors disappeared. They just went away. Now for a doc to say this to a patient not only means the patient and family are excited and thinking positively but so is the doc!!

He did say not to get his hopes up but he also did tell him about the patient where the tumors disappeared.

It being Friday and most do not work tomorrow…I give you my permission to celebrate this news! Go wild! Because let’s face it, this is news that needs to be celebrated!!

Keep up the prayers, support and love you have given my dad during this time. It has truly made a difference and continues to provided amazing news for our family!


I knew my dad was amazing and ‘da most’ but this. THIS! He is my hero and he is now a miracle walking this Earth.


Love you more dad. :D