Aug. 6, 2018

Miracle Man

My dad is at it again! He is that miracle man walking the streets. He looks ordinary on the outside, except for his huge biceps and rock-hard abs (haha), but on the inside his body is a fighting machine! He is continuing to beat the odds. He went in for his 3-month check-up on Friday and got the typical bloodwood and scan. When meeting with his oncologist they explained that the cancer has not grown or spread at all. It is holding stable, having a few measuring at the size of a pencil eraser on the pancreas. Currently, no treatment is necessary, but he needs to continue being the miracle man.

He has some follow up appointments with other specialists to make sure his body stays strong. He needs to see a neurologist and a kidney specialist. His body is working hard to beat this crap called cancer, so all hands need to be on deck, so he continues to stay as strong as possible.

According to the bloodwork, his one and only kidney is chugging along at 47% filtration. Supposedly, I am not a doctor, but my dad says, this is good for only having one kidney. Hopefully the kidney specialist can give some tips on how to increase the filtration percent.

Until the next doctor’s appointments, my dad will continue to sell packages and enjoy life. Oh, and may be bombarded with kids and grandkids running through his house. And fighting off the grandkids as they raid his candy stash in his office. But until the next post…

Dad, we want to remind you, we love you more than anything in this world, you have been and are the most amazing father and papa, and we believe in you. In case we have never told you, thank you for continuing to fight. We know it isn’t easy.


Love you more.