Sep. 3, 2018

Fathers and Daughters

My dad got his monthly shot and is waiting until his 3-month checkup for the scan and bloodwork. If you read my write-up then you know we learned that his cancer is still small (no growth) and has not spread. His one kidney is working hard. Go, the MOST!  So why the write-up?

My dad handed me a short little article a few days back about how John McCain’s daughter felt about her dad. To sum it up, there is a special bond between father and daughter from the moment the daughter is born which, in my case and the cases of many I know, is accurate. They look up to their father as if they were a knight wearing armor, leading them through life, sympathizing through heartbreak, challenging times, supporting them, etc. Then, as you keep reading it talks about how when John McCain got sick the daughter took over his role and guided him and supported him while he fought cancer. It said that she no longer looked at him as a strong knight in armor but weaker.

When my dad handed me the article he simply smiled and walked away. We did not talk about it but rather just said it was sweet.


After reflecting and thinking about the article you had me read about John McCain and his daughter…I thought you should know you are still the knight. When I look at you, you are still wearing that armor. You are still the knight that I have always thought you were through life. Even as an adult, you give me your advice and help me think about things in different ways. A different perspective. We have always looked at things differently and I thought that was perfect. You are very logical and look at the numbers. I am the emotional, understand the logic, but more emotional than logical.

Dad don’t think for one minute, currently in your battle, that I look at you as weaker and that I need to take care of you. Don’t get me wrong, I will call a few times a day to ask how you are doing and would do anything you need but not because it is my turn to take care of you. It is because, as a knight, you go out and fight. You fight until you have won and you come back tired (which any knight the movies) and focus on the win until you are physically ready to fight again.

You are strong. You are brave. You are a fighter. You are still a knight.

Today is not the day that I look at you and think it is my turn to take care of you. I do not feel that today, and I don’t think that day will come anytime soon.


Keep fighting dad. You are winning the battles and will eventually win the war.


Love you more.