May. 2, 2019

Let's keep it up!

There is so much hatred in the world right now. Maybe it has always been there but it is more apparent now. Controversy over politics, religion, etc. The list goes on and it causes people to personally attack others.


However, there is one topic that I have never come across where there are conflicting opinions. Cancer. Not the treatment types. Just cancer. Everyone I talk to (or even don’t talk to) knows that cancer sucks. I have never come across anyone saying that they think cancer is a great thing. People come together to support and help each other through illnesses. They don’t care about their politics or their religion (and if they do, they shouldn’t).


All of you reading this, you are our “people.” More specifically, my dad’s “people.” You have come together to support him with positive thoughts, calls of love, prayers, and so much more. And because of all the positivity, it has kept my dad positive.


My dad went and did his 4 month scan (3 months moved to 4 months due to kidney functioning) and results show today that he is “as good as it gets.” His tumors have not grown or spread. His blood work looks great. He is about to reach year 4 of having cancer and we continue to be blessed!!!


My dad says he is going to be around awhile and that makes my heart so happy!! Sharing this news, I know that you all feel the same way.


I look at my dad and he’s strong even when he feels weak. He is a warrior that does not give up. He is a good person despite how others may treat him. He loves his family and wife so much. Over these last 4 years, he has worried about his kids, friends, and family when (I think) he should have been focused more on himself.


During this time that there is a lot of personal attacking happening and hatred towards one another, I still have faith. Faith that all people can be good. Faith that great things can happen. Faith that people can come together and be kind to one another. You are the proof. You are here reading this because you are kind and caring. For that, I am thankful. I am thankful that you continue to pray and have positive thoughts.


I am thankful for my dad and all that he does.


Remember moments like this, that even though we all have different opinions and thoughts..that we can all agree on one thing. Cancer F*#king Sucks.


Thank you for being my dad’s “people.”


I love you more dad.