Aug. 28, 2019




I am sure everyone can agree with this headline. He has been fighting this stupid thing called cancer for years. Living closer to him (and yes, you too mom 😊) makes life better. I get to hear his corny jokes, share ice cream with him, he comes and watches Autumn do karate, short vacations (Rocky Pointe) together, the list goes on for why I am so thankful to be close to him. To have him in my life.

You hear all these awful stories about people fighting for their life in many different ways and my heart breaks and aches every time I hear one of those stories. Not everyone gets the chance to have their dad (or someone else that is dear to your heart) in their life and that is not fair.

With that being said, he is one of the lucky ones. My dad and I often talk about being lucky and that other people have it worse off than us. We continue to be thankful for what we have even if at some moments it is difficult to stay positive. Obviously, wish we were a little luckier so I wouldn’t have to be writing this post.

At my dad’s last check-up, even though dad may not agree or not want me to tell (too bad dad, this is my post hahaha), but it was a scary one. My dad’s kidney is working hard. His kidney is running a marathon and it keeps chugging along but it is tired. His bloodwork showed that his kidney is now at 40% filtration. That is the lowest it has been to date. The oncologist (not a kidney specialist) was not too concerned because “it isn’t kidney failure.” He did tell him to go see a urologist specialist so that will come in a couple weeks. Keep working little kidney!!


On the VERY BRIGHT SIDE, my dad’s cancer has NOT spread and NOT grown. It is amazing!!!!! SOOO lucky!!!

I continue to pray at night for my dad. I am not big on praying…but if he can hear me and is willing to listen, then, I will keep doing it. So far, he has heard my prayers. Now it is time to include kidney in the prayer.


GREAT NEWS but, I’ll be honest…It would have been perfect news if that kidney function was higher.


Thanks for keeping strong and not letting this stupid thing keep you from enjoying life. The memories we are making now will be remembered forever. Just like you being that crazy dad running up and down the field at my soccer games. A forever memory. Let’s keep making memories!!! Love you dad!!