Apr. 21, 2020

Pandemic Check-Up of 2020

The world is experiencing a time of uncertainty. For some it is scary because of the economy, some employment, or lack of, some the presidency, some health…and some ALL of it. There is enough bad talk happening on social media….as I feel there is almost every time I go to post. Right now, for people saying the virus is a hoax or not as bad as the flu or a common cold, etc…well, this is my blog, keep that to yourself please. Think about others. Think about this…

My dad. (To name one).

My dad is a fighter, as are MANY others are in this country and around the world. They are fighting autoimmune diseases, cancers, heart disease, diabetes, even small children have health issues…so if you are a healthy person expressing that…well I am happy for you that you are healthy but not everyone has the privilege to be healthy.

Today, my dad got news that his health stayed the same! 😊 No growth, spread. His kidney is hanging in there. 😊 Great NEWS!!!!! So, he stayed “just as healthy as normal.”

My dad is not taking risks and he shouldn’t. Neither should others around him because, real or not, why risk it? He is worth it!

There have been so many people along the way praying and supporting my dad and we continue to be forever thankful! I truly believe this is why we continue to get great news…

So just to finish, I want to thank everyone, as always for their prayers!

Dad, thank you for fighting every day. The last couple months you seem a lot better with more energy (or you hid it better) haha. Either way, I am so proud to call you my dad and have my daughters call you PaPa. They both love you but let’s face it, Ashlyn…ADORES you! <3 I love you more, dad.