Aug. 26, 2020

August 2020- Gallium Scan

Who thought you would strive to be unremarkable in certain aspects of your life?

Four months ago, the MRI on my dad did not go as planned. The contrast was not put in at the right time so the scan came back with limited information. So, this time they did a Gallium scan (HD) that my dad did when he did his PRRT treatment in Houston.

My dad’s cancer was documented and described as unremarkable. No signs of cancer on the pancreas since the Whipple and unremarkable, tiny tumors on his liver! I have never been more excited that my dad was told he was just an average/normal boring, cancer patient. No excitement. That is what we pray for when we have a family member fighting an illness.

When he told me, I told my husband and mom that I wanted to go in the corner, roll into a ball and start to cry. It has been such a rollercoaster that it is simply amazing that his body, physically and mentally, has been able to continue to fight after the Whipple surgery, Chemo pill and Radiation treatment with only one kidney working at 43%.

His oncologist has now pushed his scans from every 4 months to every 5 months! Dad, you amaze me every day in how great of a husband, father and papa you are…all while fighting this internal battle. You are a fighter and I am so glad that you are my dad and my kids’ Papa B. Thanks for being unremarkable for once.. 😊