Mar. 14, 2022

March 2022

2500 days and counting. A blessing. Every year around my daughter Autumn’s birthday I have flashbacks to me thinking that my dad may not meet my daughter. My dad had his Whipple surgery 13 days before Autumn was born and I was scared out of my mind that something may happen to him.

My dad and I have always been close and every year I still have that thought…that thought of fear. I am so glad that it was just a thought and not a reality. He has been involved in so many memories since that thought I had so many years ago and, now I do not get those thoughts anymore. I do not get as scared when he gets his scans. I do get nervous about his bloodwork, however, seeing him everyday fighting, enjoying life to the best that he can and make memories everyday with his family is simply amazing.

Another blessing has happened to our family on these scans. My dad’s cancer continues to remain stable and his kidney function and filtration has improved since last time. The positive thoughts and prayers are so great. Please keep them up and may this blessing continue. <3