May. 7, 2022

7 Years

There are SEVEN Wonders of the World. There are SEVEN dwarfs in Snow White. SEVEN days in a week. SEVEN colors in the rainbow. The list goes on.

Today, it has been SEVEN years. SEVEN years since my dad was diagnosed with cancer. SEVEN years of him beating cancer. People say seven is a lucky number and today it is lucky (next year 8 will be lucky 😉 ). However, today we focus that my dad has been fighting and beating cancer for 7 years.

I am sure he remembered but did not mention it to the family that it was his “anniversary” of his diagnosis, however, we remembered. We decided to surprise him with a celebration. A celebration showing the amazing fight he has had within himself, the strength it takes to do so everyday and the courage it takes to focus on the bigger picture. How happy we are that he is still here with us.

I have included all of you on my dad’s journey so far and it has been a long one. Yet, although tough every day, he continues to live day by day and focus on the positive. He cares about others and tries not to focus on the negative. We have learned that life is too short for that. So today, we celebrate my dad. We celebrate that the doctors who continue to save his life were also wrong when they told him he had 6-8 weeks to live. We celebrate all the memories we have created in the last 7 years. All the daily conversations we have shared even if they seemed so insignificant. Today, we celebrate family being together (missing a few from afar). We celebrate our kids having their grandpa, us having our dad and my mom having her husband. We celebrate my dad.

Today, my favorite number is 7.


I cannot wait to say that my favorite number is 25.


Love you more, dad.