Aug. 24, 2022

August 18, 2022- The BIG News

The day I will never forget. There are only a handful of days you will not forget in your life…the days your kids were born, your wedding day, some childhood memories, etc. Well, I will never forget August 18, 2022. I was getting a massage when my phone kept vibrating. I remember thinking something was wrong with my dad because he was getting his scan and my mom must be calling over and over panicking. I wanted to stop my massage, but I thought, no I do not want to hear the bad news, so I laid there thinking, this was the day the tumor started growing. Or was this the day it started to spread.

When I was done, I did not want to look at my phone. I was hoping I was wrong that it was not my mom calling about my dad’s MRI because he shouldn’t get the update until the following day. I was hoping it was work. Finally, I gained the courage, and I had 3 missed calls from my dad and a text. When I read the text it said, “Where is my Paigey Pooh? I gave great news.” When I called him, he said, where have you been? I just got my MRI and bloodwork back. In my mind, I assumed it was the same as we had been hearing that it is stable but when he continued….and I was in shock. I asked him if he checked the name on the MRI and the bloodwork. I asked him if the MRI machine was broken.

He just kept telling me over and over. I was just in shock and asking the same questions when he told me, “Paige, they found no cancer markers in my bloodwork. No cancer in my blood. They cannot find any cancer in my scan either. None. It is gone.” My brain could not process it. They have been telling him for 7 years and 3 months that it is not a matter of ‘if’ it will grow but ‘when’ it will grow. However, today, it is gone. It just disappeared.

Suddenly, all the feelings rushed over me, and I couldn't stop crying. My dad had Stage 4 pancreatic cancer was now cancer free? How does that even happen? 4 months ago, it was there and today it was gone? It is a freaking MIRACLE. A part of me wonders, did his dad go up to Heaven and ask God for a favor? I miss you gramps and I know you see this and are celebrating the news with us. I love you more dad. Always and forever.